Jamie Rose

Hi, I’m Jamie Rose. As an coach, author, and actor, I bring a unique perspective and a vast array of experience to helping overcome their inner blocks to improve their lives. While I employ many self-realization technologies in my work, my main focus is a system called The Tools®, developed by Dr. Phil Stutz.

These easy-to-use techniques transform everyday challenges—big and small—into opportunities to bring about bold and dramatic change in your life.

For years, Dr. Phil Stutz and his colleague and co-author Barry Michels taught The Tools to an exclusive Hollywood patient base. Now, through their books, online resources, and live events, their revolutionary, empowering practices are available to anyone anywhere who is interested in realizing all that is possible in their life. I’m honored to be one of the few life coaches personally trained by Dr. Stutz.

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Big changes start with small actions

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